Terms and Conditions

School Requirements, Terms and Conditions

All Pups must have had their second vaccination at least two weeks before attending S.C.A.R’s Puppy School

Please be aware of the policy on Collars/Chains and Leads:
All pups or Adult dogs are to be on Collar and lead at all times unless instructed by your instructor.

Choke Chain, Prong collars, Electric Shock Collars and Chain leads are not allowed.

If at any time you are unsure, please ask your instructor.

Fees are payable to the instructor at the first class. All fees can be paid in Cash or by EFT. Fees must be paid in full.

Group, Private or Private Home Courses are all set within a schedule. This programme is set to insure the best socialization and learning schedule for your Puppy or Adult Dog, these times are SET and are not Flexible.

Any cancellation, change of time or lesson(s) that have been arranged, confirmed and are missed or forgotten, that lesson(s) will be forfeited. Fees are Non Refundable.

The organisers, instructors, sponsors, or any of their employees, the property owners or any other parties cannot be held liable for any injury whatsoever or if the person whom maybe attending this class, misunderstands anything through or within this course or anything that may occur whilst attending this course.