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Welcome to S.C.A.R Canine Training and Behaviour

S.C.A.R was founded in 2010, with both Instructors coming from a background in raising and training Nordic Breed Lines. By building on experiences over many years, we can help you in creating and establishing a great understanding of what your dog needs.

Whilst we come from a Nordic background, we are not breed specific or bias in anyway. We’re for Dogs. 

At S.C.A.R  we believe that Training, Health and Family Structure play a vital role in the development and first steps of any dog. We don’t just train – we educate! 

We take the care and safety of you and your Puppy, or Adult, very seriously. Training and nutrition are key to understanding the needs of your dog. In doing so, you will also learn the importance of letting your dog be a dog.  

Our Instructors will guide you in Positive Reinforcement techniques, all starting in your first class whether it’s for your Puppy or Adult. 

We offer:

Puppy Courses:

  • Puppy School
  • Beginners Obedience

Adolescence and Adult Courses:

  • Novice Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience

Bespoke Obedience:

  • Private Training (T&C)
  • Private Home Training (T&C)

Real world training for real world applications,
leaving paw prints everywhere.
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