Canine Training


Venue: Randpark Ridge 

Days and Times: (Please contact us for more information

Pricing is applied to each Pup or Adult Dog.

Online Obedience –

  • Bespoke Obedience – R600 

This course runs over a 6 Lesson period

Social Obedience –

Puppy Courses:

  • Social Conduct – R1140

This course runs over a 6 Lesson period

  • Lead Conduct – R1440

This courses runs over a 9 Lesson period 

Adolescent and Adult Courses:

  • Field Conduct – R400 per month

This course runs continuously throughtout the year

Behaviour Assessment – R600

Private Training

  • Bespoke Obedience – R2280
  • Home Bespoke Obedience  – R2880 (Please note this include cost of travel with in certain areas) 

These courses runs over a 6 lesson period